Mr Right, Ms Right


Mr Right or Ms Right
also, Mr Fix


  • the best future life partner for someone
  • Mr Right or Ms Right is used to describe the person that you envision spending your future with
  • the ideal person that you want to marry
  • Mr Fix is someone who repair of fix broken down things

Example Sentences

  1. I wish that I could meet Mr Right. All of the men that I meet seem so immature.
  2. Even though I really like John, I don’t think that he is Mr Right.
  3. I have a list of things that I am looking for in a partner. Once I find someone who has all of those qualities I will know that I have found Mr Right.
  4. I think I am in love with Sarah – she is Ms Right for me.
  5. I’ve been single for ages, I don’t know where to find my Ms Right.


The abbreviation Mr has been used since the mid-15th century. Since the 1800s it has been used when describing the “embodiment” of something, depending on the noun that follows it. Mr Right means the embodiment of perfection. Thus, a man that everyone wanted. (Mr Fix-It would be the embodiment of someone who can fix everything etc.)

It has gained momentum in the last few years. It is possible that this is because people have more input as to who they marry. When people used to marry a partner that was arranged for them they did not get to choose the qualities that they preferred.

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