gut feeling

gut feeling


  • a personal, intuitive feeling
  • an instinctive feeling, without any logical rationale
  • an intuition about something
  • a feeling based on sixth sense, not on facts
  • a feeling that you are certain is right, though you cannot explain why

Example Sentences

  1. I had a gut feeling that he had been lying, and sure enough, it was later proved that he had been.
  2. After the interview, Jules said that he had a gut feeling that he would get the job this time.
  3. As he approached the house, he had a gut feeling that something was wrong.
  4. My gut feeling is that she is going to be the right person for this job.
  5. Hurrying down the street, Susan had a gut feeling that she was being watched.
  6. Chuck said his gut feeling was that they were going to get delayed for their trip the next day, so he planned for some eventualities.
  7. I have a gut feeling that something bad is going to happen when we go there.

This phrase is derived from the belief that many emotion seems to originate from the stomach area, also called the gut. This belief that the stomach is the seat of emotions and feelings has been present since the biblical times.

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