make sense


make sense


  • to be able to reason something out
  • to make someone understand something through reasoning

Example Sentences

  1. The presentation did not make sense at all. It was way off the topic.
  2. She has started making sense about her career now and I would like to let her try things out.
  3. He does not make sense when he speaks about starting such a kind of venture. He does not have a plan and you better not invest in something so haphazard.
  4. Can you please start making some sense? We are not following what you are trying to say.
  5. Every word she says makes sense to my daughter. I am glad that she has chosen such a good role model.
  6. The story only makes sense when my father narrates it. When I tried it just sounded like some jibber jabber.
  7. You cannot make sense to him right now. Give him some time to come out of the shock of it all at least.
  8. Can you come along to speak to the principal? I am not going to be able to make sense to him after such a disaster.


The phrase originates from rational thoughts that is considered by reasonable people as valid.

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Not everyone supported the british colony because there not the loyalist colony and they were firmly believed, and some people disagree with the british independence.There were also people protest during the british independence and some people argued about the independence and some didn’t like the rule that they made. There more issue about the independence and some government they had two different role.

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