building blocks


building blocks


  • something that is a basic element (of the subject)
  • could literally be pointing at blocks that are used to build
  • kid’s toy house bricks

Example Sentences

  1. The building blocks of success, in my view, come from perseverance and hard work.
  2. I have seen him smoke and bully people right from the time he was in high school. With such building blocks, what else were you expecting of his future?
  3. The building blocks for my children’s future will be hope and faith.
  4. I have used the building blocks to construct a new bathroom for the school.
  5. The building blocks for this hospital will be the talent and ability of the doctors here.
  6. The building blocks for my cousin’s life have been carefully carved by my uncle and aunt.
  7. When the building blocks are weak then you cannot expect amazing results.


The origin obvious refers to blocks that are used for building buildings. The blocks are placed as the foundation stones which have to be sturdy in order to be able to carry the weight of an entire building. The foundation, as a simile has been used in the phrase as the foundation of a person’s life.

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