make a beeline for


make a beeline for


  • to go straight for something.
  • to not deviate when moving forward.
  • to remain focused on one goal.
  • go quickly and directly to somebody or something.

Examples in Sentences

  1. The linebacker made a beeline for the quarterback when he saw an opening.
  2. The kids made a beeline for the ice cream truck when it came around the corner.
  3. Once the toy store opened, all the adults made a beeline for the popular toys to buy for their children.
  4. Once tickets went on sale for the movie, fans made a beeline for the ticket office.
  5. As soon as the employees heard about the news of the scrapping of the bonus policy, they made a beeline for the boss’s office.


Some idioms become common knowledge and solidify in the minds of many people as they grow, and with proper explanation, “make a beeline for” is one of those that is simple to understand. This idiom is American in origin and was derived from the observation of foraging bees that seek out sources of nectar and then make their way back to the hive. Once they convey their message to the rest of the hive, other bees will “make a beeline for” the source that has been identified. When used as an idiom, this means that a person will make their way directly toward their goal without thinking about anything else.

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To take lead in danger.

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