live wire


live wire

Meaning | Synonyms

  • an energetic and volatile person
  • a person who is very active
  • someone who keeps on entertaining people
  • a fun loving person
  • a person filled with enthusiasm
  • doer
  • high flier
  • activist
  • go-getter
  • extrovert
  • bright spark

Example Sentences

  1. John is such a live wire; he is a good source of entertainment.
  2. Jennifer is the only live wire – the rest of the group of is totally dull.
  3. Susanne is a real live wire; she spread positive vibes all over.
  4. We need a live wire like him in our company in order to attract more people.
  5. Harry is a live wire; we must invite him too, on a grand dinner tonight.


We were unable to obtain the precise origin of the idiomatic phrase “live wire.” In actual, a live wire is an electrical wire through which there is a flow of electricity, which is a form of energy. Hence, a person is said to be a live wire when he appears to be a very energetic one, just like a live wire which posses electrical energy.

Charlaine Harris used this phrase in 2007.  It reads as follows

“She was irresistible, a laughing, chattering live wire, never at a loss for a word”

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