learn to walk before you run

learn to walk before you run


  • to take smaller steps initially
  • to progress gradually
  • to advice to move towards a goal slowly in the start

Example Sentences

  1. The plan will gradually get the company the revenue that they need to sustain in this market but you need to learn to walk before you run.
  2. I have been told that the plan is too aggressive and that the loan was denied because I need to learn to walk before I run.
  3. Do you know who has grown this rapidly in this industry? No! Because you learn to walk before you run.
  4. The whole point of this offer was so that you can learn to walk before you run.
  5. You will someday have to learn to walk before you runbecause your parents will not be around to protect you all the time.


The phrase is meaningful in everyday life and has been picked up from modest incidents. Which is why it is speculated to be quite old in origin. Experts suggest that the phrase may have been around from the 15th century. In the current times, it is used more in the corporate and business parlance and as a metaphor rather than its literal meaning.

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