money doesn’t grow on trees

money doesn’t grow on trees


  • to have to put an effort in earning money
  • money to be earned requires a lot of effort
  • to work hard to earn money

Example Sentences

  1. The kids need to understand that even though they have been born with a silver spoon in their mouths, that money doesn’t grow on trees.
  2. I have been told over and over again as a child that money doesn’t grow on trees.
  3. You should listen to our parents and appreciate their hard work because they’re right, money doesn’t grow on trees.
  4. You know money doesn’t grow on trees and that you cannot stay at your friends’ mercy either.
  5. I cannot emphasize enough on the fact that money doesn’t grow on trees.
  6. His kids probably don’t know that money doesn’t grow on trees seeing how much he pampers them with expensive toys and gifts.


The phrase comes from the fact that things that grow on trees is usually easy to pick out but money is not in the same league. Parents often say this to their children to make them aware of the issues they face in putting food on the table. The phrase may have originated in the late 19th century although no literary origin could be traced with accuracy.


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