knock socks off

knock someone’s socks off
also, blow someone’s socks off

Meaning | Synonyms

  • doing something which was never done before
  • impressing someone
  • showing something astonishing
  • to excite someone
  • performing something outclass

Example Sentences

  1. Lara’s performance at the concert last night just knocked my socks off.
  2. The color that John has chosen to wear for his birthday party really knocked my socks off.
  3. With your new makeover, you will knock their socks off.
  4. This exciting news knocked the socks off of everyone in the school.
  5. This movie just knocked my socks off.
  6. Coleen knocked the socks off the other participants in the arts and craft competition of the year.
  7. To knock their socks off, you have to go out of your comfort zone and do something unexpected.


The phrase “knock or blow someone’s socks off” was initially put on record in the American South (the southern United States) in the 1940s, where this phrase referred as defeating someone in the fight. Due to this reason, the phrase had negative associations, but it began to obtain more positive implication as it was used in a positive manner later on such as impressing someone by providing them with something astounding.

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