in the limelight


in the limelight


  • receiving prominent public attention or fame.
  • being the center of focus or spotlight.
  • under intense media scrutiny or public gaze.
  • stepping into or emerging into a highly visible role.
  • embarking on a career or position of renown and prominence.
  • retiring from public view or obscurity.
  • representing acclaim, notoriety, controversy, or infamy.

Example Sentences

  1. The candidate has been in the limelight for months before the election.
  2. The starlet has been in the limelight since her breakout role in the hit movie.
  3. The supermodel has stayed in the limelight for over two decades.
  4. Stepping into the limelight at such a young age brought opportunity and scrutiny.
  5. His controversial views have brought him in and out of the limelight for years.
  6. The new management hopes to revive interest in the struggling brand by putting key employees in the limelight.
  7. The activist spent decades working behind the scenes before finally stepping into the limelight.
  8. The CEO’s poor handling of the crisis caused the company to lose face in the limelight.
  9. Victoria had no desire for the limelight; she has a reserved personality.
  10. Speculation about a feud between the co-stars has kept them constantly in the limelight.
  11. Despite years of fame and accolades, he ultimately grew tired of living in the limelight.


The idiom “the limelight” originates from theater and vaudeville. Limelight was calcium oxide heated to incandescent white light and used as a spotlight on performers in the 19th century. Actors would literally bathe in the bright glare of the limelight during performances.

Being “in the limelight” meant an actor or performer was the center of attention and focus, a spotlight for all to see. Over time, the phrase broadened to refer to anyone receiving high public attention, fame, or scrutiny. Politicians during an election, athletes competing in championship games, stars promoting new works—anyone vividly highlighted by the media spotlight could be said to be “in the limelight.”

Modern spotlights no longer use the limelight, but the idiomatic expression has endured. It continues to profoundly depict the experience of being a renowned, notable, or even controversial figure under the public gaze. Stepping into the limelight suggests embarking on such a highly visible role or career, while stepping out of the limelight means retiring from the public eye. The limelight has proven to be a very bright and long-lasting metaphor.

Though originally rooted in theater, this idiom now radiates far beyond the stage to capture the thrill of fame and spotlight in many spheres of culture, society, politics, sports, and media. The limelight shines as a memorable idiom because of its vivid visual imagery and ability to represent both acclaim and scrutiny. It illuminates the human desire for prominence and the challenges of such a visible existence.

Limelight Synonyms

  • the public eye
  • the spotlight
  • prominence
  • fame or stardom

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