cold hearted

Meaning: very cruel, unkind person

Example: Don't be so cold hearted, forgive them and speak with your children. Read on

wear heart on sleeve

Meaning: display your emotions openly

Example: It was evident that he was in love with her. He wore his heart on his sleeve and you could see how he felt about her. Read on

to heart’s content

Meaning: to gain full satisfaction

Example: The man ate food at the buffet to his heart's content. He seemed really happy as he left for home. Read on

change of heart

Meaning: change one's opinion or the way one feels about something

Example: The call-back of the military and troops from Afghanistan shows a change of heart by the British government. Read on

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chop and change

chop and change Meaning: repeatedly change. Example: One day she's going to be a doctor, the next she wants to study architecture - she'll have to stop chopping ... Read on


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