what are you up to

what are you up to


  • another way to ask someone, what are you doing?
  • used to inquire what someone is doing at a point in time
  • an informal way to refer to the activities of someone

Example Sentences

  1. Seeing me going from room to room with no apparent method, my friend couldn’t help but ask what I was up to.
  2. Asking people what they are up to is mostly the best way to find out what they are doing.
  3. Since you are off from work, what are you up to today?
  4. Alicia had to ask her husband what he was up to since he wouldn’t volunteer the information.
  5. I really don’t like it when people ask me what I am up to.
  6. People asking what you are up to makes it look like they are trying to keep tabs on you.
  7. I do not mind being asked what I am up to as it gives me, the opportunity to talk of all my projects.


This phrase originated from another phrase which is to “be up and about”. Up and about means someone is getting busy or carrying out several activities. Soon it became commonplace to ask people what they are up to and this is how this phrase came about.


  • what are you doing?

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