go through channels


go through channels
also,  go through the proper channels

Meaning | Synonyms

  • to follow the correct steps in order to get something done
  • to use the correct procedure in order to achieve something
  • proceed by consulting the proper persons or offices

Example Sentences

  1. If you want to get a new licence you will have to go through the proper channels. Otherwise it will not be legal.
  2. If you do not go through the proper channels, we will be unable to process your request.
  3. It is important to go through the proper channels in order to get the funding for the new park approved.
  4. Did you go through the proper channels when you applied for the grant?
  5. We did not get the funding that we wanted because we did not go through channels.
  6. You will need to go through channels in order to get the budget approved.
  7. You need to go through channels to get the job that is opening up at our company. I cannot help you in getting hired.
  8. If you want an answer to your questions, you’ll have to go through channels.


The phrase has been used since the 1900s. It typically alludes to a hierarchy where decisions can only be made by specific offices. In this context the word channel means conduit.

The word conduit is a Middle English word means the means by which something is transmitted.

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