get rid of


get rid of


  • to remove something or someone
  • take action, so you are no longer bothered by something
  • eliminate or discard something or someone
  • free yourself from someone or something
  • throw something away

Example Sentences

  1. He finally got rid of the door to door salesman, by saying he had to go out.
  2. We must get rid of this kettle and buy a new one. It’s doesn’t work anymore.
  3. Every January, I get rid of people in my contact list that I haven’t spoken to all year.
  4. It’s a good feeling to go through your wardrobe and get rid of your unwanted clothes.
  5. Every Tuesday, a van goes around the streets, collecting all the scrap metal that people want to get rid of.
  6. Hilary’s mother is so glad she got rid of her useless boyfriend and found herself a perfect gentleman.
  7. Mrs. Bradbury offered to make me a cup of tea, but I had to get rid of it down the sink when she wasn’t looking. It tasted disgusting.


It is an informal phrasal verb. It means to dispose of a person or thing that is useless, no longer wanted, or is broken.

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