fortune favours the bold


fortune favours the bold


  • it refers to people who face problems with determination and courage are the ones who attain massive levels of success
  • being a brave is often rewarded
  • bravery brings the good luck


  • fortune favours the brave
  • fortune helps the brave
  • fortune favours the strong
  • nothing ventured, nothing gained

Example Sentences

  1. The guy should have gone all out to achieve his destiny. He would have been married to the love of his life had he showed some courage back then. Fortune favours the bold.
  2. In this industry fortune favours the bold You cannot expect to be a successful action stuntman without being brave during scenes.
  3. I took the risk with these stocks hoping that fortune will favour the bold, but I ended up losing my entire life saving in just one transaction.
  4. While it is true that fortune favours the bold, you also need to look before you leap. My advice is to not take a risk that you don’t find worth the returns.


The phrase has a Latin origin (“audentes Fortuna iuvat”) and has been translated into English, which is also the reason why it has many variations. To meet challenges bravely makes a whole lot of difference to the consequences. People who are up for taking some risks often enjoy its benefits too.

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It’s my staunch belief that fortune only creates bold people. If one has the fortune to become bold, then automatically he will be identified as a bold person in public, or else it’s very difficult.

‒ Sethuraman T October 23, 2023

This proverb gives us courage to face any challenges also it is very useful to write in an essay. As a student I used it in many places such like,in seminars to improve my speaking impact on student,in essay and more..because of this I probably use this proverb.

‒ Shaunak Yalmar July 24, 2022

This is a idiom which I usually tell myself during hard times. That there will be good times after the hard ones.

‒ Anonymous April 18, 2019

I really needed this because I have a precept brainstorming due tomorrow so this really helped for last minute.

‒ Anonymous December 7, 2018

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