foot the bill

foot the bill


  • pay the bill
  • to cover the costs of something
  • to provide the payment for an expensive bill
  • it is used to say at the point when one was paying one’s big or irrational bill

Example Sentence

  1. It was a splendid party and I’m glad that I don’t have to foot that particular bill.
  2. Don’t be angry, I will foot the bill for damage to your car.
  3. I don’t want to foot the bill for this stupid shopping.
  4. My girlfriend is so rich that she always foot the bill for my expenses.
  5. My dad told me that he is not going to foot the bill of my Internet connection.
  6. The cyclone destroyed her entire house and her insurance company is denied to foot the bill now.
  7. Be careful from fragile objects in this luxurious store I don’t have money to foot the bill for damage.


The most primitive example recorded in the Oxford English Dictionary dates from 1819, in an American work with the title Evans’s Pedestrious Tour of Four Thousand Miles, which was republished in 1904 in a book entitled Early Western Travels 1748–1846.

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