rocket science


rocket science


  • something very difficult to understand
  • something that’s not simple to do
  • something overly complex
  • the scientific study of building rocket and spacecraft (literal meaning)

The expression is generally used in its negative connotation “it’s not rocket science” that means – something easy to understand or do.

Example Sentences

  1. I’ve no idea why Kelly can’t make a spreadsheet, and it’s not exactly rocket science is it?
  2. Why is the staffing rota always changing? It’s not rocket science to fix shifts for seven people.          
  3. The teacher insists that we can understand fractions. Apparently, it’s not rocket science.
  4. It’s not rocket science to work out that emails from someone you don’t know asking you to click the link, are obviously scams.
  5. The Space Launch System’s (SLS) development by NASA proves that rocket science is a term that describes something that is truly difficult for a reason.
  6. My teacher would always say that there is nothing like rocket science in your life. You can do anything.
  7. The author’s clear definitions, coupled with beautiful illustrations, make readers realize that hey, this isn’t rocket science to learn it.
  8. Learning the mathematic is equivalent of rocket science for me always.
  9. Any tutorial video gets more views than other types of content. The reason behind this data isn’t rocket science, but people are curious about things.


Rocket Science as an area of study has been around since WWII when allied troops captured German scientists and took them to the US. The American rocket science program was launched with their assistance. Rocket science became synonymous with something complicated or difficult to understand. The humourous idiom – it’s not rocket science – has been in everyday use since the 80s when it was often used to describe football coaching. ‘Coaching football is not rocket science, and it’s not brain surgery. It’s a game, nothing more’ from a sports article in a Pennsylvanian newspaper. Before the advent of rocket science, we would probably have said ‘It’s not brain surgery’.

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How to make rocket?

‒ Anonymous April 6, 2021

Rocket science is dead easy compared with the electromagnetodynamics of an ionised body like the sun or even a laser.

As for biology, compared with biochemistry, the fact of Natural Selection which certain religions REFUSE to understand, is dead-easy and compared with rocket science, biochemistry is extremely difficult.

‒ Albert John Rogers March 8, 2021

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