feather in your cap


feather in your cap


  • It means to have an achievement in your name.
  • It symbolizes honor and integrity of an achievement.

Example Sentences

  1. Ruth scored the last goal for her team, adding a feather in her cap.
  2. He will have one more feather in his cap after he has finished this incredibly difficult assignment.
  3. They can claim this feather in their cap since it was this group of soldiers who withstood the enemy in such harsh conditions.
  4. One does not get chances to add a feather in their cap too often. So the opportunity to do so should be utilized well.

It is believed that the Native American soldiers would add a feather to the head dress of the warriors who have been brave. Hungarians would also add a feather in their caps each time when they have killed an enemy Turk. The more number of feather suggested bravery and nationalism. In literature the phrase has been first known to be used in 1599, by Richard Hansard in his book Description of Hungary. In the United Kingdom this phrase became popular in the 18th century when the Duchess of Portland used it in her letter to Miss Collingwood.

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This new success is an additional feather in her cap.

‒ Priya Naidu September 15, 2019

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