end of story


end of story


  • there is  nothing more to add to the matter under discussion
  • the discussion is complete, nothing more to be said
  • said to emphasize that what is said is true there is no other possibility to change it
  • there is no more to be said

Example Sentences

  1. I did not invite her because I did not want her to come to my party. End of story.
  2. The bottom line is that they refused to extend our contract and did not pay us our dues. End of story.
  3. He said that he quit his job because he did not want to work in that company; end of story.
  4. I don’t believe that he did all those bad things they are saying he did, end of story.
  5. If you do not come on time for the early morning camping trip, we will leave without you, end of story.
  6. If you let go of this excellent opportunity, you will never get another one as good as this; end of story.
  7. If you do  not improve soon, you are going to lose your job, end of story.
  8. You took the decision, you have to stick to it. End of story.


This phrase originated in the USA.

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