toll or sound the death knell
toll or sound the death knell Meaning: Cause an organization, system or activity to fail or end Examples: 1. The shutdown of the local iron industry tolled the ... Read on
at death's door
at death's door Meaning on the point of dying very ill in serious danger of death very near the end of one's life (Often an exaggeration) in a ... Read on
do or die
do or die Meaning a situation in which you must take a big risk in order to avoid failure requiring supreme effort to avoid the dire consequences of ... Read on
die in harness
die in harness Meaning to expire while working keep working to the end to pass away before retirement Example Sentences She doesn't want to retire - she'd rather ... Read on
over my dead body
over my dead body Meaning | Synonyms in no way, under no circumstances willing to go to extreme lengths to stop something from happening an exaggerated way of ... Read on

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as a result
as a result Meaning | Synonyms the outcome of something that you have done. a result of anything that is willingly done by you the consequence of your ... Read on


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