come what may


come what may


  • anything happens; whatever come about
  • to resolve on doing (something)
  • to be sure of going ahead in a particular situation even if all the odds are not in favour
  • to ignore the circumstances in order to get something done
  • no matter what may happen

Example Sentences

  1. The girl has decided to marry him come what may. She will proceed even if her entire family is against her decision.
  2. I have decided to go to London to complete my higher education come what may.
  3. She has promised her mother that she will pass the exam come what may this year.
  4. We will be vacationing outside the country this year come what may.
  5. My cousin is going to go to the party come what may.
  6. She got the assignment and will not finish it come what may.
  7. I am going to board that train come what may.
  8. It’s good to know that, come what may, our job is safe.


The phrase was used in the French language in the early 1300’s as “avalze que valze” which means “let it avail what it may, come what may”. Shakespeare made it popular by using it in his work ‘Macbeth’ in the year 1605. By the 1800’s it was a popular US phrase just as much as it belonged to the European English.

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