dollars to donuts


dollars to donuts
also written as: dollars to doughnuts

Meaning | Synonyms

  • an outcome that is almost assured is called as dollars to doughnuts
  • a certainty of an event or activity
  • used to highlight sureness of something

This expression is used mostly in bets where you are very sure about something and would bet for it.

Examples Sentences

  1. And I’ll bet dollars to donuts that he will have no strategic plan on how to effectively deny Clinton’s speech.
  2. I’ll bet you dollars to donuts she won’t accept his marriage proposal.
  3. I will bet you dollars to donuts that this time she will not top in the exam.
  4. I lost my umbrella. Dollars to donuts it rains tomorrow!
  5. Dollars to donuts that Kevin will be late tonight—he’s never on time.
  6. Dollars to donuts that John will lose the battle as his opponent is very strong as compared to him.
  7. Dollars to donuts that the economy is going to be hit adversely due to fall in prices.


Dollars to doughnuts is one of several ‘dollars to …‘ phrases, like ‘dollars to buttons’ and ‘dollars to cobwebs’, which date from 1884 (in G. W. Peck’s Boss Book) and 1904 (in The Boston Herald) respectively. It is obviously an American phrase and so it is used as donuts rather than its actual notation doughnuts. In earlier days when a dollar was worth more than it is now and a doughnut cost considerably less as compared to it, someone who was reasonably sure that an event would happen might bet upon it and say “I bet dollars to donuts” as it is used in the above examples.

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