chow down

chow down


  • to eat something, usually quickly or vigorously
  • eat greedily or without good manners
  • eat heartily
  • sit down to eat

Example Sentences

  1. Is the food ready yet? I am hungry and ready to chow down all you have got.
  2. At the end of a long trek, we were all hungry and ready to chow down whatever was offered for dinner.
  3. Chow down man! Once we start our journey you will not get anything to eat for almost four to five hours.
  4. He was very busy that day and chowed down his lunch in five minutes before rushing off to attend to his work.
  5. The stray dog was skinny and looked famished, and when I threw my half eaten sandwich at him, he chowed it down in no time.
  6. The food looks delicious! Let’s chow down without wasting any time.
  7. Eager to go out and play with his friends, the little boy chowed down his food and ran off outside.

The term Chow is a slag for food and has origins in Chinese and pidgin English and has been used since the mid 19th century. The phrase “chow down” originated in the USA sometime around the World War II and was a military slang for eating. The earliest printed record is found in “The Hammond Times” from December 1942.

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