cash in


cash in


  • to earn out of something in big amounts
  • to get returns on an investment
  • to make a huge profit
  • to get cash in exchange for
  • could be used negatively highlighting ill means of making money

Example Sentences

  1. He has cashed in on the estate that his father created. I do not believe he has anything to call his own out there.
  2. People who invest in diamonds always cash in the benefits later.
  3. I fail to understand why cashing in is the only goal that today’s generation makes for themselves.
  4. It is hard to digest that my brother’s wife cashed in the necklace that belonged to my mother. She was not even entitled to it!
  5. This is a good year for investing in real estate and gold, and you can cash in on it.


The word ‘cash’ has been in use since the 1500’s with the earliest literary use being in the year 1593 by G. Peele. It was used to denote coins or money and is still used in the same way. To cash in became a popular way to denote bringing money in, through various means. Shakespeare used the term, albeit in reverse in his work named Henry V in the year 1600. “I shall haue my noble? Pist. In cash most truly paid.”

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