creme de la creme

the creme de la creme


  • to be exclusive
  • to be the best in class
  • when referring to people, this phrase points to really rich or influential people who are far away from commoners

Example Sentences

  1. The children of the crème de la crème crowd go to this school. Needless to say that it is among the costliest in town.
  2. Only the crème de la crème people are able to enroll in this club.
  3. She promised me results which would be the crème de la crème but after rubbing the lotion on my face for a month also I have not seen any results.
  4. The Universal Group of Art is acknowledged as the creme de la creme from all of the art groups of academy.


The literal translation from the French language of this phrase means ‘the cream of the cream’ which signifies that the reference is ‘best of the best’. Cream was usually a food that only the rich would be able to afford in old England and the people who would have cream or cream based deserts in the house would be considered rich.

The phrase originates in France where items like cream and cheese have been popular since many centuries. They make food tastier and more elegant and hence the phrase points to things or people who are either from the exclusive category or are able to deliver the best result.

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