carry on

carry on


  • to continue with something
  • to continue with a task until completion
  • to behave enthusiastically and in an uncontrolled manner maybe even due to excessive worry or nervousness
  • to react to a situation more than it is necessary
  • a small bag that passengers try to keep with them at all times during travelling (carry-on)

Example Sentences

  1. After the huge earthquake the children are still carrying on with their shock.
  2. Kids really carry on after getting a scolding from their parents.
  3. Despite office policy, Don and Cindy have been secretly carrying on!
  4. Lufthansa allows fairly large weight limits for carry-on.
  5. Air traffic rules clearly state that all carry-on luggage must be securely stored in the cabin.
  6. During the military coup, all the industry was advised to carry on as per their usual routine.
  7. James may carelessly carry on spending his fathers’ money but it will surely run out one day.
  8. After the roundabout, carry on for 12 km towards the north.


The first use of the phrase in terms of luggage is recorded in 1950-55 probably because back then the passengers were supposed to literally carry their luggage themselves into the aircraft. While other usage’s have their origins as far back as 1275-1325 representing different things that almost all relate to continuing with whatever activity is being done which may either be some form physical activity or even an emotional state. The phrase also represents continuing the activity even if is yet to be started. However, in terms of misbehaving or unnecessarily reacting to a situation, the phrase has most probably American origins.


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