arrive in a body


arrive in a body


  • arrive with unity as a group.
  • to go somewhere in a group.
  • to arrive at a place in a group.

Example Sentences

  1. The office became too noisy when all the employees arrived in a body.
  2. All the community members arrived in a body to fight for the rights of their girls.
  3. Upon the release of the new film, all the fans arrived in a body.
  4. People arrived in a body at the accident scene.
  5. The public arrived in a body at the political meeting.
  6. The cleaning staff arrived in a body at the manager’s office to discuss issues affecting them.
  7. The Classroom became too noisy when all the students arrived in a body.


This idiom does not have a specific origin, but the meaning is derived from the word body. A body has many parts that work together to ensure that human beings complete their daily tasks. For instance, hands are among the body organs used for functions such as washing, picking, and arranging things, among others. The heart, on the other hand, pumps blood to ensure that the entire body is functional. Similarly, the other body parts have functions that help the body keep moving. The unity portrayed by the body parts when completing tasks is what the idiom expresses. Arrive in a body means coming to a place in unity or as a group to complete a task or do something together.

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