new blood

new blood
also fresh blood


  • young and active people
  • to bring new people in the group to make it more cohesive
  • new people in an organisation who will provide new ideas and energy
  • to add new personnel in the company to ensure that the operations go smoothly

Example Sentences

  1. The company management feels that the new blood should be used to find process improvement ideas because they can provide a third person perspective to our processes.
  2. I personally feel that new blood in the family should first observe the way we are and then gradually participate in increasing our cultural values.
  3. They inducted some new blood in the system to eliminate the negativity that was created by the existing politicians.
  4. New blood can sometimes show you the way that existing people may not see.
  5. It is totally justifiable that the information technology professional speaks with new blood every now and then. He wants to stay updated with the industry.
  6. I cannot just bring in new blood in my school and throw out the existing people. They have rights too, you know?
  7. It’s time the Prime Minister brings some new blood into the government.


The phrase has a medical origination where patients often get much better in their condition with the addition of some “new blood” (literally). It is popular in the UK as well as US English but is speculated to have originated from the latter.


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