bite the hand that feed

bite the hand that feed


  • to turn against someone who has been a benefactor in the past
  • to reflect ingratitude towards a someone who has been helpful
  • used for people who do not show respect for the one who has helped them

Example Sentences

  1. The strategies of the state government are not perfect but the people should not bite the hand that feeds them since many lucrative policies have been brought about by this government for the common people.
  2. It is unfortunate that he has bit the hand that fed him for so long and is now oversees after taking all of their money.
  3. To expect that a person with such integrity will not bite the hand that feeds him is laughable. Hasn’t he given you enough instances in the past about his integrity?
  4. I would never bite the hand that feeds me, Sir. My morals are not so low.
  5. The fact that she bit the hand that fed her doesn’t upset you even a little?
  6. My institution decided to offer me an award, so I shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds me and criticize its policies.


The phrase is speculated to have originated in the early 1800’s but there is no record of its literary origin.


Don’t bite the hand that feeds (used inversely to the phrase discussed, usually as advice).

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