backseat driver

backseat driver


  • co-passenger who unnecessarily criticizes the driver while himself doing nothing
  • any person who gives unwanted advice instead of helping or understanding

Synonyms: Meddler, Busybody, Nosy Parker


  1. I cannot stand my relatives being backseat driver to me.
  2. This is my assignment and I do not need any backseat driver on this one.
  3. Instead of being a backseat driver, I would rather take full responsibility and lead the project.
  4. Nobody likes a backseat driver constantly nagging them when they want to work peacefully.
  5. In our class assignment group, Matt is acting like a backseat driver. Only unwanted advises and complaints with zero meaningful contribution from him.
  6. Every time there is ceasefire violation on the border, our citizens start to give unsolicited advice to the army without knowing how much courage is required to face bullets.

Usage: people call that to any person who gave unwanted advice to anybody.

This phrase got its start from the irritating tendency of some people of giving unwanted advice to vehicle drivers. It became popular in the USA in early 20th century, when motor vehicles were introduced and  becoming popular.

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1 Thought

Doesn’t backseat driver mean giving things when you are not even in the main roll??

- Me November 24, 2019

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