a rolling stone gathers no moss


a rolling stone gathers no moss


  • it is difficult for a wanderer to be able to flourish
  • in this context moss is used as something good because it takes time to grow.
  • when in constant motion and wandering, a person is considered neither productive nor reliable.

Example Sentences

  1. It was time for you to settle down at least five years back. You should find a place that you like and build a home there because a rolling stone gathers no moss.
  2. Her mother always said that she would like to see her settled by the time she turns 25 years old. A girl wandering around after that is like a rolling stone not gathering any moss, according to her mother.


The phrase first came up as a proverb in Latin and Greek. It has been used by Erasmus in the year 1508 in his assemblages of Latin proverbs. A collection of proverbs prior to that also have this phrase in it but not as the exact quote. This was in the year 1546.

Rolling stones were a rock band formed in the year 1962 and the phrase has become popular since then. In the 17th century the words ‘rolling stone’ were used as something that would come up to nothing.

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The Rolling Stones ARE, not were a band… geez, they ain’t dead yet!

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