strike while the iron is hot

strike while the iron is hot


  • to take advantage of a situation
  • to make the most of a heated situation
  • to get benefit from an existing condition or situation by strategizing
  • to get benefit of a chance

 Example Sentences

  1. The study plans were such that it required you to read when your mind was fresh, strike while the iron is hot.
  2. I used to try to strike while the iron was hot but barely ever succeeded.
  3. My uncle strikes only while the iron is hot and usually gets the best deals.
  4. I spoke to him at just the right time before he made his decision. Strike while the iron is hot, right?
  5. You need to strike while the iron is hot otherwise you will never get the better of these deals.
  6. Her style is to wait during the beginning of the interview and ask these personal questions when the person is opening up. She strikes when the iron is hot.


The phrase comes from a profession where a blacksmith strikes iron while it is hot to be able to mould it to his advantage. Similarly this phrase talks about making good use of a situation to mould it as per one’s own needs. It can be of malicious intent or taking benefit in a vulnerable situation. The phrase has originated in the 15th century.

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AuthorChocolate writes on 25th October 2018

This web page provided me with the stuffs, which I was in search for. 🙂

AuthorDeepak Kumar Yadav writes on 7th December 2017

This sentence says that we need to wait right time and you should use our right time. There is no use over spilt milk.

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