Idioms beginning with L

loose cannon
loose cannon Meaning somebody whose activities are uncommon and out of control an uncontrolled person who can cause unintentional damage someone who behaves in an unexpected and uncontrolled ... Read on
level playing field
level playing field Meaning a situation that is fair to everyone where everyone gets the same opportunity a situation where everyone has an equal and fair chance of ... Read on
lend me your ear
lend me your ear also lend an ear Meaning ask for someone’s full attention listen to someone carefully pay attention to what someone is saying listen to someone ... Read on
last but not least
last but not least Meaning someone or something that is last in sequence, but not less in importance important, despite being mentioned at the end emphasizing that the ... Read on
lose head
lose head also lose one’s head / lose your head / lost his/her head Meaning not have control over your emotions become very angry or upset and unable to think ... Read on
love child
love child Meaning a child born out of wedlock a child born to parents who are not married to each other an illegitimate child a child whose father ... Read on
love to death
love to death Meaning love someone very much feel extremely strong affection for someone love someone all your life, i.e., till you die Example Sentences He is prepared ... Read on
labour of love
labour of love Meaning a task done for the pleasure of doing it, not for gains or rewards hard work done because you enjoy doing it work done ... Read on
leave at the altar
leave at the altar Meaning decide not to marry someone at the very last moment decide not to marry someone just before the wedding Example Sentences Judy was ... Read on
let your heart rule your head
let your heart rule your head Meaning do something based on emotions rather than logic act according to what you feel rather than what is sensible do something ... Read on

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as soon as
as soon as Meaning: when, just after something. Example: He get the auto-rickshaw as soon as he reached to the bus stop.


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