Idioms beginning with V

vim and vigor

Meaning: full of energy and enthusiasm

Example: Even though my grandmother is in her 80s, she is still full of vim and vigor. Read on

veg out

Meaning: to stop working hard

Example: After a tiring week, I like to veg out in front of the television during the weekend. Read on

Van Gogh’s ear for music

Meaning: Van Gogh was a painter who cut his ear off and this phrase is a pun intended one referring to being tone deaf.

Example: Her singing is so bad she has Van Gogh's ear for music. Read on

viper in bosom

Meaning: a person who deceives you after receiving help from you

Example: I got my friend a good position in my company and all he did is convinced my manager to get him the designation I had in the project. He was no more than a viper in my bosom. Read on

beyond the veil

Meaning: In an inexplicable or concealed place or condition, especially the mysterious state of existence after death.

Example: In an inexplicable or concealed place or condition, especially the mysterious state of existence after death. Read on

variety is the spice of life

Meaning: new and exciting practices make life more attractive

Example: I started learning tennis after having tried swimming because variety is the spice of life. Read on

vale of years

Meaning: the decreasing time of a individual's life.

Example: I shall not leave my parents during their vale of years. Read on

volte face

Meaning: to change beliefs (suddenly) from something to its complete opposite

Example: The current prime minister thinks it is a joke to volte face on the plans that he announces publicly. Read on

vice versa

Meaning: a reverse in position

Example: I do not like my sister's new husband, and vice versa. Read on

vent spleen

Meaning: to exhibit your rage

Example: The board members in the annual meeting witnessed the company's shareholders venting their spleen over them as they were angry. Read on

Idiom of the Day

wind up

Meaning: to be annoyed by someone

Example: My sister really knows how to wind me up. Read on



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