vale of years

the vale of years


  • the decreasing time of a individual’s life.
  • old age
  • the last years of life


  1. I shall not leave my parents during their vale of years.
  2. One wants nothing but a peaceful life during their vale of years.
  3. The couple did not go abroad because they had an old age home to look after & didn’t want many in the vale of years to be rendered homeless & unlooked.
  4. You shall plan from now because after you retire you’ll have nothing much to do & will feel dissatisfied. So keep yourself consumed in something that is of value & shall keep you occupied during the vale of years.
  5. She had lost her passion of earning more than needed as she found her purpose during the vale of years.
  6. Mother Teresa became so because she didn’t allow her vale of years to be a hindrance in her path rather committed to the service of mankind.
  7. What a person receives during his vale of years is an outcome of all the deeds he has done throughout his life.
  8. My grandfather is highly enthusiastic about his business, therefore, he visits the office every other day in his vale of years.

This expression comes from Shakespeare’s Othello: ‘For I am declined into the vale of years’.

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