under the weather

to feel under the weather


  • to be ill or feel ill
  • drunk or intoxicated
  • having hangover
  • feeling sick

Example Sentences

  1. I did not go to work today, as I was feeling a bit under the weather.
  2. Sheena was feeling a bit under the weather, so she decided not to go to the movie with her friends.
  3. I have my final exam today, but I am feeling under the weather. I don’t know how I will fare.
  4. After the rigours of trekking in the mountains, he was feeling under the weather the next day.
  5. She has just returned from her vacation, but is feeling under the weather and has a sore throat and running nose.
  6. We had a heavy lunch today, and now I am feeling a bit under the weather.
  7. Though he was under the weather, the star player decided to take some medications and play the match as it was an important one for his team.
  8. He wanted to hang out with his friends for a bit, but since he was under the weather, he went home.
  9. I was with friends last night in a party and now I am under the weather.


The origin of this phrase can be traced to maritime sources. In old days, when a sailor was not feeling, he would be sent below deck to recover, so that he could be away from the weather.

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3 Thoughts

I think it is maritime and has to do with battle. If a ship has the weather gage, that means it is on the windward side of the enemy and is cutting the wind of from the enemy. The weather gage ship has more maneuverability and has ‘taken the wind out’ of its enemy’s sails, leaving them ‘under the weather’.

- Kate February 16, 2021

Feeling slightly ill.

- Chanuthi June 25, 2020

Get on my level

- Juan March 21, 2019

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