to the core


to the core

Meaning | Synonyms

  • totally
  • fully
  • completely
  • utterly
  • through and through
  • all the way to through
  • from within
  • used to give a negative effect when used with words like rotten and evil

Example Sentences

  1. Stella’s plan was rotten to the core, it would not work in today’s world.
  2. To make him into a good citizen of the country is quite a challenging task since he is full of hatred to the core.
  3. He is a performer to the core and can give you a monologue within minutes.
  4. The news of his father’s sudden passing away shocked him to the core.
  5. She thinks everyone that is not a part of her group is irresponsible to the core.
  6. It hurts to know that someone that I trusted so much has turned out to be deceitful to the core.
  7. The man was hurt to the core by these words and refused to speak to anyone but his wife at the time.
  8. It is beyond doubt that company management is rotten to the core, involved in numerous extortion schemes.


The word core comes from the French word Coeur meaning the heart of the lettuce. The Latin word for heart is read as “cor” which could also be the origin of this phrase. The literary origin is not known.

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