throw caution to the winds


throw caution to the winds


  • to take a decision without caring about the negative effects that come with it
  • to not worry about the ill effects of doing something
  • to do something in the moment, or at a whim, where the consequences of the act do not come to mind
  • usually used to denote a decision that is not well thought of or behaviour that is considered reckless

Example Sentences

  1. The caretaker threw caution to the winds when taking the baby out of the house even though he was already sick.
  2. She throws caution to the winds every time she goes shopping. Her purchases are always among the most expensive and her husband keeps trying his best to pay the bills off later.
  3. Although I threw all caution to the winds at the casino, it did not take me long to come back to my senses and not blow off all my savings.
  4. It is advisable that the tourists do not throw caution to the winds especially in this part of the city because the crime rate here is quite high.
  5. Throwing caution to the winds, she ran on the highway road to board the truck.
  6. When John Parson, break out from the Jail, he throw caution to the winds by jumping over a running truck from the flyover.


A phrase that has originated in the olden British days, this one factors in the windy weather which some parts of Britain see on a regular basis. The literary origin of this phrase, however, we are unable to find, if you have any information please share in comments.

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