Technology Idioms

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digital detox

Meaning: a period when someone refrains from using electronic devices to reduce stress and focus on real-life interactions.

Example: Many people find a digital detox beneficial for reducing anxiety and improving sleep patterns. Read more ➺


Meaning: to have a good understanding or proficiency in modern technology.

Example: The new hire is very tech-savvy; she quickly adapted to our complex software systems. Read more ➺

the die is cast

Meaning: implies a point of no return or irreversible change.

Example: When the army crossed the river into enemy territory, they knew the die was cast for the impending battle. Read more ➺

break new ground

Meaning: to do something innovative

Example: Advancements in computer technology break new ground almost every day.  Read more ➺

hit the panic button

Meaning: prepare for disaster

Example: Dad's fishing pole dove into the lake without warning, and he hit the panic button before jumping up with the reel-spinning like crazy in his hand. Read more ➺

rocket science

Meaning: something very difficult to understand

Example: I've no idea why Kelly can't make a spreadsheet, and it's not exactly rocket science is it? Read more ➺

in the loop

Meaning: to be aware of the information

Example: Katy was always happy that her friends kept her in the loop with the latest gossip. Read more ➺

ahead of the curve

Meaning: better than others

Example: His ideas are so innovative, he is way ahead of the curve. He might end up running the company at this rate. Read more ➺

cutting edge

Meaning: to be among the latest and the best (often used for technological advancements)

Example: The company has introduced cutting edge technology which will handle all client servicing issues. Read more ➺

in the pipeline

Meaning: to be underway

Example: The project has been in the pipeline since forever. I am not sure if it will ever get completed. Read more ➺