shoot from the hip

shoot from the hip


  • speak directly or bluntly, without caring for consequences
  • react quickly or impulsively
  • act recklessly, without considering the effects


  1. Even if you don't agree with your boss' ideas, don't shoot from the hip. It won't augur well for your growth.
  2. He has a tendency to shoot from the hip, but what he says is usually true.
  3. In an act of desperation, the minister started shooting from the hip to save his political career after the scandal broke out.
  4. When unable to counter the accusations with proper justifications, he started to shoot from the hip.
  5. This is a sensitive issue, so its better to be politically correct rather than shoot from the hip and be called a radical.
  6. Don't feel bad about what he said. He has a habit of shooting from the hip, but he means no harm.
  7. She has a habit of shooting from the hip, and this has gotten her into trouble quite a few times.
  8. If you shoot from the hip in front of your clients, you are doing your prospects no good.

This phrase originated in the old west of America, during the cowboy days.It alludes to shooting a gun from the hip, without taking it out if the holster. This made firing quicker, but less accurate.

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