rome was not built in one day

rome was not built in one day


  • admirable results always take time
  • to take a long time to complete something that is good and important
  • big achievement comes late with time
  • great thing requires more time

Example Sentences

  1. The Oswal’s have really worked hard in building their empire. Rome was after all not built in one day.
  2. Just as Rome was not built in one day, you are not going to pass this exam by studying for just one day.
  3. My son has taken ten years to get to this position. Rome was not built in one day.
  4. I was told to have patience since Rome was not built in one day. Getting this job done is going to take time.
  5. The students were given ample of time to study for the test because the teacher thoroughly believed that Rome was not going to be built in one day.
  6. My children take their time with the creative projects because they always aim at making them the best that they can. Rome was also not built in one day.
  7. I like to make fancy crochet items for my home but it always takes so much time to do it. But I try to keep my patience because Rome was not built in one day.


The phrase is an injunction for people to be patient for something that is nice and good. It originated in France in the 1100’s and was converted to an English phrase in 1545.


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