rags to riches


rags to riches


  • go from being very poor to being very wealthy
  • be very poor in the beginning then later become very rich
  • go from poverty to wealth

Example Sentences

  1. He went from rags to riches after his roadside performances were noticed by a famous movie maker and he was offered roles in his movies.
  2. His journey has been one of rags to riches. He started out as a street vendor but now is the owner of a big business.
  3. He grew up in abject poverty, but now is the highest paid sportsperson in the country. His story is really one of going from rags to riches.
  4. He was inspired after reading the rags-to-riches story of his favourite film star.
  5. Most people like a real life rags-to-riches story. It gives us hope in an otherwise tough world.
  6. Her story was one of going from rags to riches. She had nothing while growing up, now she is the creator of a famous fashion brand.
  7. She started by selling fast food on the street, but her recipe was so good that she quickly went from rags to riches and now she has her own restaurant.

The origin of the phrase is not very clear. However, history is replete with characters who have risen from the depths of poverty to the heights of power and wealth.

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