out on the town


out on the town


  • go out and enjoy yourself at one or more places in the town
  • go out for entertainment or celebration
  • go to pubs, bars, restaurants or nightclubs to enjoy yourself

Example Sentences

  1. All of us slept till late afternoon after we had a night out on the town and returned after dawn.
  2. She has gone out on the town with her friends to celebrate getting selected for the job she always wanted.
  3. After having beaten the opposition comfortably, the players went out on the town to celebrate their win.
  4. We have had a crazy week at work. Let’s go out on the town and enjoy ourselves to beat the stress.
  5. When our old friend came to visit us after a long time, we went out on the town and had a great time together.
  6. Once they had won the competition, they all went out on the town to celebrate their success.


The origin of the phrase is unclear. It might have originated in the early 1700s in other forms, but was not very popular. It gained popularity in the mid 1900s, after a stage show called “Out On The Town” was performed in 1944 and a film by the same name came out in 1949.

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