on demand

on demand

Meaning | Synonyms

  • when needed
  • when asked for
  • to ask for with the proper right
  • claim as a right
  • at any time that you want or need something

Example Sentences

  1. These days babies are normally fed on demand.
  2. Oil prices drop on demand worries as Coronavirus cases rise.
  3. Ronnie is always ready to dance on demand.
  4. Uber will manage an on-demand service for Marin County in the San Francisco Bay area with a Software.
  5. The fee is payable on demand.
  6. The pharmaceutical factory is manufacturing drugs on demand.
  7. They can give you a Home Delivery service of medicine on demand.
  8. Their songs are high on demand, and they have amazing audiences.
  9. The corrupt manager of the financial department had resigned on demand.
  10. The character and story of the film have revised on demand of the audience.
  11. A number of networks are offering up free on-demand programming.
  12. There are many reality TV shows available to stream on-demand.


1250–1300; Middle English demaunden < Anglo-French demaunder < Medieval Latin dēmandāre to demand, Lto entrust, equivalent to dē- de- + mandāre to the commission, order.

Synonyms of demand

  • insist
  • command
  • order
  • require
  • stipulate
  • exact
  • claim


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