like father like son


like father like son


  • the man/boy being talked about is very much like/exactly like his father 
  • the son “has taken after his father”
  • the son has grown up to “be just like” his father, in temperament, manner, way of doing things, etc.
  • father and son behave the same way in certain things, or have the same sense of humour, or some other quality
  • “Just like the father is – so is the son”
  • not “like” – want/admire,  but “like” – resembles/is similar/is the same

Example sentences

  1. Joe’s doing really well on the football team this season. He has nearly matched Joe senior’s reputation for being a sharp shooter! I guess it’s a case of like father, like son.
  2. Dan is really kind and always gives his seat up for a lady. Like father like son. (This implies that the father is also kind and also gives his chair up…)
  3. I always believe in the saying “like father like son“, and I know this little baby will grow up to be just as handsome and talented as his daddy.
  4. Did you see how quickly Charlie pounced on the buffet? He was right behind his dad – who’s always first! Oh well – like father, like son I suppose.


Apparently in use since the 14th century, and found in print in the 17th century.


  • like mother, like daughter

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It was used even earlier than 14th or 17th century A.D. It is the Bible – Ezekiel 16:44, “Like mother, like daughter,” and expresses the same idea as “Like father, like son.” Ezekiel was written anywhere between 593 B.C. and 571 B.C. So, it’s at least 2,600 years old.

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Apple does not fall far from the tree is appropriate one for this.

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