get under skin

get under skin

Meaning | Definition

  • to be irritating
  • to bother a person
  • to annoy someone
  • to cause an affect that is not only strong but also one which cannot be forgotten easily
  • to provoke someone
  • to preoccupy someone to an extent of becoming an obsession

Example Sentences

  1. The new manager is getting under my skin.
  2. My mom’s narrow attitude about gender equality really gets under my skin.
  3. I know that she is capable of getting under your skin but please bear with her for a while.
  4. I am just going to tolerate you until you find another apartment. Don’t get under my skin until then.
  5. You alone can stop him from getting under your skin.
  6. Simon really got under my skin when he said something so derogatory about women.
  7. The palace is magnificent but something about this haunting beauty got under my skin.
  8. I love this new purse. The last one was really getting under my skin with all the bows on it.
  9. I am leaving because you feel I am getting under your skin.


The phrase originates from the fact that when literal, if someone got under the first layer of skin, it will cause an irritation. It may not necessarily be painful but will completely pre-occupy the person.

G 2 Thoughts

2 Thoughts

The term comes from pealing eggs. If you don’t get under the skin the protective she’ll cannot be removed. This irratant bug bs is untrue.

- Phillip October 26, 2021

Origin – Scabies Mites burrowing under one’s skin

- T July 26, 2018

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