heads up


heads up


  • to inform about something beforehand
  • to provide status
  • an advance caution
  • to warn or alert someone about something

Example Sentences

  1. Heads up! This machine is used to trim grass, please handle with care.
  2. Keep your heads up, I think I just saw a snake in the garden.
  3. The manager had given me a heads up about the upcoming appraisal cycle and my performance issues within it. I was prepared for the bad rating.
  4. I have been giving him a heads up about the project every time a change is implemented by the client.
  5. You should have given me a heads up about your friends coming over for dinner, I have cooked only for 2 people and there are 10 waiting to eat right now!
  6. Could you at least give the people in that village a heads up about the swelling water levels?
  7. My mother always ask me to keep my heads up about my father’s visit to my hostel.
  8. The teacher had actually given us a heads up about the surprise test and that is why all of us scored so well in it.
  9. I am going to give my friends a heads up about my parents’ trip so that they can prepare for a party.


The phrase originates from the fact that a ‘head up’ would require someone to look at something that is a non-issue which may give them an opportunity to prepare better.

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