pass the torch

pass the torch

Meaning | Definition

  • to pass on the responsibility
  • to give a responsible task to someone else after having worked on it for a while

Example Sentences

  1. The director of the company passed the torch after he got too sick to take care of the company matters.
  2. I am going to pass the torch to managing the household to my daughter-in-law after the wedding rituals are completed.
  3. The ace racer retired from car racing and said in his speech that he wanted to pass the torch now to someone who was younger.
  4. He passed the torch to me after having completed so much of the project himself.

The manager is required to pass the torch before moving to another level or department.


The phrase is in existence from at least the early 1800’s and originates from the Greek race of passing the torch. This is also the beginning of the Olympics as a traditional pre-ceremony. It is currently used metaphorically but began with a torch race where one person would run with a torch in hand and pass in on to another person waiting after an interval. The runner would pass it to the next one until the last runner crosses the finish line.


  • to hand on the torch

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