down to earth


down to earth


  • decent, simple, realistic
  • practical and straightforward
  • sensible and pragmatic

Example Sentences

  1. She is very down to earth person, not at all attracted by the glamour world.
  2. Initially, I was not interested to meet the parents of my girl friend, but after last night’s dinner treat I found them very nice and down to earth couple.
  3. There are few people in the world are down to earth these days.
  4. Canadians are known as very humble and down to earth people but this is not applicable for all of them.
  5. I miss my schooldays teacher, Miss Marry, she was really a down to earth lady.
  6. I can easily identify the people those who pretends to be down to earth but they are not in real.


This idiom does not seem an ancient expression and most probably, there is no record of this phrase before the year 1930 in history.


List of Synonym words of “down to earth” idiomatic phrase.

  • realistic; practical; sensible; responsible; matter-of-fact; reasonable; rational; logical; balanced; sober; pragmatic; commonsensical; sane; levelheaded

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Maybe with inner city housing transforming to high rise flats/units, being down to earth was used as an expression of when living “closer” to our neighbours allowed us to be more sociable and empathic member of society. Living in a high rise, well above the street tends to gives the impression that you are somehow out of touch or aloof of your fellow humans. Therefore being down to earth means to be understanding, empathic and more sociable. Just a guess!

‒ Anthony January 29, 2021

Why did ya’ll say i am smarter than you so get on my level who ever said that yall is funny as heck get on my level instead of them ok so who said that try me first before you try them slow they are smarter than you so get on!

‒ Lazaria Smith April 9, 2019

Our college principal was a down to earth person.

‒ Jegan July 6, 2017

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