don’t give up the day job
don’t give up the day job also, don’t quit your day job Meaning | Synonyms a usually humorous way of telling someone not to pursue something full time ... Read on
yesterday’s man
yesterday’s man Meaning: someone especially a politician whose career is finished someone who has passed the peak of his or her career Example: The officer is retiring from ... Read on
early days
it’s early days yet Meaning: it is too soon to make a judgment about something a time too soon to come to a conclusion the starting phase of ... Read on
till doomsday
till doomsday Meaning: – for a very long time – for all time, – forever Examples: 1. You could try to convince her till doomsday, but she will ... Read on
day of reckoning
day of reckoning Meaning: the time when an unpleasant situation has to be dealt with. Example: Ignoring the study near exams will definitely bring you the day of ... Read on
day in, day out
day in, day out Meaning: every day, without respite. Example: Life feels too boring when you go to office for work day in, day out.
all in a day’s work
all in a day’s work Meaning | Synonyms refers to the work that is done regularly by someone all part of one’s normal routine or job or range ... Read on
win the day
win the day Meaning: win a war or a fight or competition etc. Example: The opposition win the day in the debate over the judge’s impeachment.
call it a day
call it a day Meaning stop doing something, especially working to give up work and go back to home finishing the work of a day to discontinue some regular activity Example Sentences After ... Read on
born yesterday
born yesterday Meaning naive; inexperienced someone, like a new born baby with no experience to be stupid or easy to mislead The idiomatic expression is typically used in ... Read on

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an item
be an item Meaning be involved in a romantic relationship a couple having a romantic relationship two people who are lovers Example Sentences John and Sally are frequently seen ... Read on


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